Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coats coat, new fashion item for protection from the cold

Coats layer PDH Sport

This winter coats more variety than ever. trends are so many, it no choice but to adapt. But you can not only find the classic models, there are also a variety of coat layers or layer with which you can get a very British look with mysterious air.

Coats layer Benetton

The proposals are varied. From classic short layers to trace designs with longer warm. Military style, with retro pattern, smooth in trendy colors like burgundy, camel or gray, oversize or designs cut straighter. Models are infitos. My favorite? The first style and an air miliatr british.

Coats layer SuiteBlanco

How to combine? With all kinds of clothes except a dress or skirt flight since the completion of the layer is wide and with a full skirt will make you look bigger and wider than you are.

Coats layer Purification Garcia
Coats layer Massimo Dutti
Coats layer Zara
Stradivarius Stradivarius
SuiteBlanco SuiteBlanco
Coats layer Zara

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