Monday, November 5, 2012

Coats oversize: Give a point to your outfit male female


Probably if you're thinking about buying a coat for the season 2012/2013 this post will come of pearls. Perhaps you have very clear and do not want to ignore, but if you are a sea of doubt suggest you go bet by oversize. Yes, this type of clothing (like sweaters) this season with a touch ravage dandy for your outfit more feminine (if possible).

I particularly love how clothes feel tight type with skinny pants or leggings, as it gives all the attention it deserves.


Although you can always opt for a dandy look further and combine them with tailored pants type. That depends on the taste of each and occasion.


To me, however, I like the eclectic mixes. So I loved one of the last looks of Andy of Style Scrapbook: pencil skirt in bright colors, sweatshirt and coat XXL . What do you think your mix?


We choose ...

I for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 I'll handle the military model. You see someone and fall in love a little more (if possible). I do not know because I hope to keep it, if I know that eventually I'm going to finish arrepientiendo if not just in my closet.


I like the combination that makes the author of Columbine Smille with tartan scarf boxes. What do you think about it?


? Well be betting on a garment?

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