Monday, November 26, 2012

Confirmed: this season they take the bodies and Oysho saturates us with his collection


See, I have been saying for some lookbooks: the bodies (in lingerie) carried more than ever. And although I still have not released them, the fact is that in the end will finish chopping, because the variety is so much today that is impossible to resist them. And in the new Oysho lookbook to see it again: all black, with lots of lace and transparencies.


But if in the past collections watched as the red and black were the two favorite shades, this month the black is the only protagonist. And where does the shot featuring top models is the only reason.


Because we go pretty on the outside but also inside. If one is comfortable with herself that is the public face. Oysho therefore presents simple sets, urbanites and for day to day. Nothing difficult to put things where it remains pretty comfortable with the role.



What do you think these new proposals?

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