Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dare with patterned clothes? They do!


Usually I do not dare to wear clothes floor stamped. At most the odd shirt points (which is taken from an old pajamas) and little else. I like to look in clothes smooth and simple, but that does not mean that see these prints in alien outfits do not like. On the contrary, I love it! And these girls have caught my attention for it.

If I had to wear some of these clothes (and knowing how I know) would like the first girl: plain + pattern. But beyond trendsetters and dare to print + print. And if they are different ... Better!


And if you want to try your luck and not run out of money by the way, you can emulate this street styler with printed pants from Zara. For 39.95 euros you look like her or ... Overcome!


Already dare with this type of print?

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