Friday, November 30, 2012

Did you lose the hats and headdresses? Expected to know this new brand: Touched Tousette


I'm an inveterate lover of hats, headdresses and everything that refers to decorate my little (not so empty) head. And this year I have it clear: I will make the most to get the entire collection of hats that I have borsalinos and prior years and that are more fashionable than ever . And just to go outside people look at me weird or not like a complete nutcase. So when Sayan (one of my favorite stores in Barcelona) me to do a workshop of headdresses and hats could not refuse.

It's one of the things I appreciate most about this job: learn, having fun doing what you like and know the most interesting people. And yesterday I got to meet Jose Puerta, designer signature Tousette Touched taught us (several bloggers concentrated there) how to design your own hat. And it's easier than I thought (not detract the designer).


Skill, time, imagination and dedication are essential to making great creations like his. And is that a few minutes talking with Jose I realized that his was innate, hence that the results were so great.


The firm is worth

His story is most curious: the economist was tired of his job. He hated Sunday nights when I had to mentally prepare to start the week off right. But one day he left everything to pursue what I really liked: create headdresses and hats to his girlfriend, family and friends. But this time he wanted to expand the circle, so he created his own signature.


Taking a low-cost large firms such as Zara proposing 'the same' product is difficult to compete. But when you look closely not offer us the same, why pay a little more sometimes worth it. Because if you really like the garment or the complement in question, why not gamble and go different from all others?


It is what I thought the first time I saw one of his creations in Sayan: the mixture of feathers, strings and other materials make each model is unique.


Make your own DIY at home

If you like what you see but do not have a penny (like what always happens to me), you can choose to create a version DIY . Chains, feathers, beads ... Anything goes! Collect what you have saved for the drawers (and I do not give use) and start creating.

toc_07 We had professional machinery

Obviously it was easier for us as professional material available to us as the glue gun, but with needle and thimble (and patience) anything is possible. So you just have to go by evidence and ultimately get a result of 10.


Feathers and chains were the materials chosen by yours truly to create (with the help of the designer himself) this model so great and perfect to face the harsh winter. What do you think?

Photos | Instagram @ charliemasdeu , Touched Tousette , Sayan
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