Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Do you have time for a DIY? Become a necklace Shorouk


I confess that I am very hands but sometimes you lose nothing by trying. One such occasion is this Shourouk necklace that I found on the blog A pair and a spare, one of the logs essential for all those who love DIY s.

For those not familiar with the firm, Shourouk is a jewelry brand that lives his moment of glory with other like Dannijo and Tom Binns boom thanks to the accessories that are made ​​with Swarovski crystals (tell that to Zara).

Shourouk prices rarely drop the 200 or 300 euros, so the idea of getting the necklace one not seen as crazy. And considering how easy it is, or so it seems. Simply make the shape with the foil PVC , The stones do the drawing you want and add the string with which colgártelo.



In the blog of Geneva does not have step by step.

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