Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Do you sign a sunglass pocket?

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I never noticed until now, I'm looking for some new sunglasses, how big is this world. Find thousand types of glasses with shapes and colors and in recent months especially glass mirror glasses, but the ones I have drawn attention are the glasses pocket.

The first model I saw was the legendary Ray Ban bolsiilo version, which you can find in Asos for about 194 euros . But above all my attention were the Sunpocket.


In its online store have many models, ranging from rimmed to the aforementioned mirror glass and the prices range from 49 to 160 euros. They are a good option for those days when you carry a small bag so you do not have to do without his glasses on for him to cover as servant.

Do you urge one with sunglasses pocket?

Photo | Hanna
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