Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dressed? Party without spending a lot? Join the power of accessories!

touch handle gala

I am convinced that a true fashionista is not one that spends more money every day and outfit changes. But for me, the true fashionista is the purchase option, combined in different ways to know your closet and small details that manages to transform an entire look. And those details are called complements. So if you're a budget Christmas party dress goes below freezing, buy a nice complement and outstanding, basic and Dale combine it with all the attention.


I like some of the things that has been designed to handle Gala Touch, starting with the hit that will give an exotic touch. They say there is much chance that resembles both a hit that gave him a few months ago, peeeeeero, I put my hand in the fire for whether or not copy. I just know that will be cuter than if you put it to party.

In the head can add flirty details like crowns and forks. In Claire's can purchase an array of four drives.

claire headband

claires fork

Hoss Intropia is another brand that pay special attention to supplements, but prices rise slightly. A headdress definitvo leaves the detail to your hair.

played hoss

The gods, shoes

If we go crazy for a reason. Ponte average dress, choose high heels, flashy, decorated, and bababúm, and have the look groundbreaking. We chose these Mango Touch with baroque details in gold.

golden handle

Or these from Zara high rise and decorated with chains and studs.

zara shoes

Heavy Jewellery

Always the same model, with her hair and teardrop earrings, totally changed our style. We found these earrings in Mango.

handle pending

handle pending

Just like a little black dress with a nice necklace to shine and attract attention. The eagle necklace Zara costs 22.95 euros.

eagle necklace

The same power transformer have belts. This loop is shaped by Hoss Intropia.

hoss belt

With neck

This year's shirt collars that stand out are the kings. You can wear bright neck built like this sweater Mango.

handle neck jersey

Or you can take detachable black with sequins, is from La Redoute.

Laredoute neck

At H & M you can find this thing so bright for less than 10 euros. You put it above any vetsido or jersey and change to something festive is instantaneous.

hm neck

What you tell me of a bow tie? If the temperature of a simple white shirt and black velvet bow with this you'll find Mango.

bow handle

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