Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashionistas also love the costumes

print dress

I remember when I had to work in a suit (do not ask, worked in a consulting serious from sunrise to sunset). And practically, my costume did not leave the gray, black, navy. The protocol required formality. Now I wish I had worn costumes like these fashionistas carrying. Pink color, with bold details, accessories spectacular with patterned fabrics. Had let my teammates and customers with open mouth, sure, but it would have been more fun.

Of course, I can not imagine these costumes anywhere else other than working on something related to fashion, design or any kind of artistic dedication, but are cool number.

pink suit

The costumes I also like to mix, to wear pants separately, take the jacket with other pants but continue combining different. If not now is that I have to wear a suit and still love me! ? Masoca which is a?

separate suit

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