Tuesday, November 27, 2012

For a party, a wedding, to the subway! The dream of a dress made Christmas campaign


Dior Printemps. Under those names hides the last campaign that love me. And not for his photography, his pose or scenery, but also the style. Under the lens of Mario Testino and responding to the Christmas campaign of the French galleries, the image is delightful.

Carolyn Murphy and starring Sui He campaign with creative direction of Stephen Gan and Carine Roitfeld styling.

Very good, very good, a wonderful team and portentous but what I want is that set of jacket with tulle skirt and played fine. What do you think as an idea for a wedding dress original? Why your next celebration of Christmas Eve? Or even to go underground on a Tuesday? Yes, it is unusual and would be the objective of all passengers but my dream has always been to dress like night and day.

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