Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gala Gonzalez x Mango Touch? Exceeds expectations?


Today is November 8. One more day for most of us, but not for Gala Gonzalez. And today the solvent was setting his capsule collection with Mango Touch . When I showed the result a few weeks ago I must confess that I was surprised (positively) the result: I liked the shoes and some other accessories. But today to see price ... could not have a.

I've been lukewarm, thought maybe would be higher, but honestly still seem expensive for what they are. And is that a complement personally bearing the signature of the blogger I fanciest drives 100 euros in a pair of heels. Although these are great death.


The truth is that prices vary a lot, from 25'99 euros (ring / bracelet), through the 75'99 euros that cost the two bags, to 99.99 euros that cost shoes.


Seeing the success of the collection goes Werelse x Mango Touch (with Andy, Caroline and Chiara as designers), does not surprise me that it had the same fate. What do you think the value?

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