Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get street style looks for less. Dress well (and cheap) is a reality


We have in mind (many times each day and thought is less) than to dress well take much money. And it is not true, because low-cost firms show similar proposals to the great designers that make us all without being eligible for the salary in the attempt. The girls in street style has great taste when combined, and although sometimes use expensive clothes, we can inspire us in them for our day to day. What look are you staying?

The black and white is a combination that never goes out of style, and can adapt to the trends of today. The peplum top, leather sleeves and pants patterns are an example of this.


  • Top peplum with rhinestone details on the neck of Topshop, 30 lbs .
  • Pants black and white prints of Zara.
  • Blazer with leather sleeves River Island, 35 lbs .
  • Ankle and heel cords Miss Selfridges, 65 lbs .

If you are in this Fall-Winter still believes in neon touch, now you can do it with accessories brands like American Apparel have prepared for us. You only think about what accessories you want and then build your outfit.


  • Jersey of Topman, $ 60 .
  • Zara miniskirt
  • Fluorine Hat American Apparel, $ 20 .
  • Hakei Shoes

Photos | Carolines Mode
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