Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gold toe shoes, a touch of glamor to your feet

Gold Toe

Mango has brought an outfit of golden toe shoes have been the delight of fashionistas. A black shoe salon with the golden touch that adds glamor to every look. Obviously, the original idea is not Mango, but it took Louis Vuitton shoe model on the catwalk. But miracles low cost fashion and copy and paste, the shoe in question have at our disposal for much less, in fact it is in Mango Outlet is another season. Price?

For 40 euritos, almost nothing if we treat ourselves thinking of the most festive times ahead of us.

Mango shoes

They go well with almost everything, so some like Tami2molina not hesitate to repeat the footwear in question for many of his looks. With its golden color black highlights even more.

Mango shoes

Nor is wrong with looks over daily. Essential to give the necessary height to outfits with skirts and dresses.

handle gold shoes

Photos | Tami2molina
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