Monday, November 26, 2012

H & M 50% rebate collection with Maison Martin Margiela abroad, still available in stores

Maison Martin Margiela HM discounts

If a pitch and sounded special to stay relegated to second place with 50% and deals unsold nine days after its launch. The collection of Maison Martin Margiela for H & M was associated with risk and ultimately the public did not respond to the high expectations of the Swedish company, which has surprised us ahead of the sales to that collection in some countries, although it was not supposed to be available in these circumstances. A disappointment for those pasasen per box the first day.

The news began to circulate through social networks like Twitter or Instagram, in which buyers were at H & M stores in the United States and Britain shared their surprise at such discounts and quantity of items still available. Comments like Kati Chitrakorn :

Say whaaat! Margiela x H & M is already on sale in stores.

While disappointed, as I said Sean O'Connor :

People who bought the collection Margiela x H & M for the first day should be angry to see that now is at 50%.

In the United States and Britain the discounts are 50% in many stores that are distributed collection, which according to H & M were quoted a stock according to public demand, accounts that ultimately have had to generate more of a pain Head to the respective responsible for H & M.

Not that were missing some of the most desired items, but had to choose between, how are you found by slippers Papama Ramogase in H & M store in Hyde Park:

These shoes are the Maison Martin Margiela 50% on H & M Hyde Park. They're flying!

From London Iria Jolie said:

Margiela x H & M 50% in Regent's St. The same with Anna dello Russo.

In Mexico, the discounts have also come this weekend with 30% for single Margiela collection this weekend, as reported by some media as E! Latin America :

MEX > We have a special discount of 30% on the Margiela collection for H & M only for this weekend.

Look Maison Martin Margiela HM discounts

They could not miss the garment looks desired, like this One Nigerian Boy .

In Spain not yet come to the discount stores as the brand itself informs us, only in the Barcelona Shopping Night Out in which the collection could be found for 20%, an exception to other times and in other similar events just put that off to the general collection but this time was also in the designer capsule collection.

Nine days after the launch of the collection still remains available in the official store H & M , a fact that speaks of weak demand against available stock.

The collection of Maison Martin Margiela for H & M has finished in the sales as expected with weak demand, a sale that came too close to the official launch and who comprasen in your day something will not like to see (let alone those who spent per case on eBay ).

Photos | 5inchandup , Papamamar , One Nigerian Boy
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