Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If you like these looks, why not imitate?


There are days when I can not think. I have saturated head, thick or just one day inspiration has lagged behind in bed. It is when these type posts me out of a bind, because they give me ideas of how to dress my day. And that is why it has become known as the street style: people bring new ideas of how to combine clothes, or simply a window of inspiration. So today we present the most imitated looks, so do not stay blank for a day like today.

This season I lost the north with the hoodies, I much like. But not everyone: those with small details that make them different as I think they are. So to see this girl with a quilted pattern I thought 'I want an equal'. Asos lucky we are to make our wishes come true.


And as the print-animal (despite being years complaining of it) follow on foot barrel, this year has launched a coat Zara in two colors that has enchanted half female population. And you've fallen surrendered at his feet?


Photos | Carolines Mode
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