Thursday, November 8, 2012

Invited to the famous Victoria's Secret knew how to keep up

Vanessa Hudgens

I always talk to adapt to context when dressing. Do not go to a party with the shirt to be home but also with the wedding dress, that's obvious. So if we start from that premise the guests we saw in the Victoria's Secret 2012 were very successful. If not then go from there better not unless you see I love to leopard print. If up Rihanna was the best dressed!

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens At best we saw black, with her ​​partner, actor Austin Butler, who with this mid-calf coat leopard. The detail of choosing high boot with cane socks and stockings on over her clothes makes it look even lower than it is, we do not read and heed our advice to gain those extra inches .


Leopard and also hand your Chanel, Alexa Chung opted for a coat that I liked, like boots, more stylish without being as male, the rest of the styling anything.


And the best of the night: Miu Miu Rihanna. What estilazo is when like. I guess I know the level of bad taste that dominates in this event and leave little to the tangent is going to stand out. Match with this black and white look with the tiny top and high-waisted skirt.


Hervé Léger tapes no shortage of Katrina Bowden's hand.

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