Monday, November 12, 2012

It is a matter of attitude: the jacket over shoulder


It is a matter of attitude being perfect or not. You have to be deaf and you pass those deicen: What are you doing? Or make witty comments about your style. Yes, most of the times there is only one reason: they are jealous of you have that special charm. And that happened several days ago when I decided to wear the jacket over his shoulders.

But you know what? I did not care, because I knew that little detail, plain and simple in all its glory, was the one who made ​​me differentiate from others. And seeing blogs this weekend I realized that I am not the only one jacket puts it this way: we are becoming. And I like how it looks.


All kinds of jackets are welcome to be tested in this new method: from plush coats, through the trench and up the perfect dear. Yes, the latter feel great, and if you just need to take a walk by Charls-Closet to view.


It's a good way to wear the jacket knowing that at some point you will enter a site and have to leave hanging in a wardrobe.


Or just have a little chilly but not enough to take all the heat we can provide the coat sleeves.


There is no fixed style for this type of event: from the most arranged through those with a very strong style. Everyone wants to look fashionable so this lifetime that I alone can bring me good memories.


Are you going to implement this way to wear the jacket?

Photos | Carolines Mode , Charls-closet
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