Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jared news: Karl Lagerfeld visits Spain


It is Sunday and as we await the arrival of the dreaded Monday, let's do a quick review of the week's news in regards to the fashion world. Karl Lagerfeld has been visiting Spain, to celebrate 25 years of the magazine Marie Claire on newsstands. The Chanel designer attended the gala awards fashion Prix of the popular magazine

  • From party to party are famous throughout Spain. The men's magazine GQ Spain handed their awards 2012 GQ men of the year . Award winners attended the gala very elegant. Adrien Brody, Luis Tosar, Jose Manuel Lara, Stuart Vevers, Paco Leon and many more familiar faces paraded by a male-flavored red carpet.
  • A busy week for the Inditex group. Two Greenpeace activist was taken down from the storefront Princess Zara street of Madrid under the slogan "for a toxic-free fashion." According to a Greenpeace study, many of the Zara clothing and other trademarks are the chemical nonylphenol ethoxylate ( NPS ), Banned in the European Union and China with strong restrictions. Greenpeace first launched the Detox challenge many brands in 2011 and pledged to not use that substance, and expect the Inditex group will too.
  • Exhibition-The-appearances

  • Undoubtedly, the painter Frida Kahlo has inspired many fashion designers, magazines and artists through his painting and image icon. The costumes for the artist will be exhibited at the museum home of Mexico City, the exhibition is called "The appearances deceive" . More than 300 dresses will be on display at the exhibition. Clothing typically Mexican with the actress hid her body punished and hurt due to different diseases and in accident that took life. Can also see three dresses designed by Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy Frida inspired art and three corsets, one designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Comme des Garçons Japanese firm dedicated to the artist.
  • After false rumors that Christopher Kane was going to be the next creative director of Balenciaga now comes the news that the Scottish designer ceases to be the designer of the second line of Versace, Versus , to focus on his signature. A little weird the whole thing.
  • mango

  • In the next year we will no longer handle the famous Kate Moss as the face of the brand now Miranda Keer the model will be the protagonist of Mango campaigns.
  • Spanish actress Catherine Bárcena had a closet envy. Auction house Christie's in London sold thirty-three dresses designed by Jeanne Lanvin that belonged to the actress. The costume was deposited by his daughter at the Museum Theatre National de Almagro, Ciudad Real, but 10 years after the death of his daughter, the heir of all those files and items (over 400), Enrique Fuster, has decided to reclaim and sell part of the collection which has caused a "war" between the museum and the heir. For now is auctioned 33 dresses of the 20's by Lanvin.
  • Custo Barcelona is in the red. One of the most international brands is not in a good time. Their parent company, Blue Tower, has closed its last year with losses of 2.39 billion euro , although the company has profited Custo Barcelona, ​​about 1.95 million. The losses are due to the reorganization of the parent companies.
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