Thursday, November 29, 2012

J.Brand supports great bloggers ... Or is it mere coincidence?


Here fishy. And in less than a week of fashion blogs with more followers than half a planet look the same pants the same signature: J.Brand brocades. It seems that the company has done a mass mailing to celebrity-bloggers, but why not get it. A model risky and too expensive for what it is. But that is the signature, and many girls are eager to have a pair in your closet. Do you work the strategy?

And since they do send them to the most followed such as Song of Style, or The blonde salad Amlul (who else?), And they are responsible for adopting their personal style so beloved. If I have to stay with one of the three I do with Song of Style, I like the color choice is a little more discreet and cool combination.


And in one of his many travels, the Chiara has packaged and combined with tacks Chloé boots and a black coat and discrete straight lines. What do you think of his choice?


Again, the lack of originality shines alone.

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