Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kate Middleton, thanks to your wax doll you remember before the (awful) makeover

This week I have a great debate with myself and Kate Middleton aesthetic decisions. Three events have taken place in which the Princess of Cambridge has sported palm and smile but each in a very different way, with a new look that could be included in the gallery of horrors.

We begin with the opening of his wax statue at Tussauds Madamme Musoe Tokyo, spectacular, at its best as a princess and the original modeled almost scary. And to scare is his next public appearance.


Kate Middleton reappeared at the opening of the new Treasures Gallery and almost had a dizzy spell and I imagine that all lovers of monarchy británcia and extravagance. Merge your new haircut with long bangs and paraded down the middle and a Miss Marple dress Mulberry is the worst decisions made ​​by Kate, but the worst.


I see and I do not.


Fortunately such nonsense was resolved the next day on a walk through the streets of London, the same court but better groomed and better styling.

In a spiral of doubt I am. Wait for new developments.

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