Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kate Winslet What you wear is "too much for my body"


Receive OBE is no small feat of thanksgiving. What is not ever receive that distinction but if I did how would look? Thinking about it I run into Kate Winslet and her last public appearance to receive the honor. I do not know, I think it is a bit Demasié. Or not, and is highly recommended for the holidays?


She looks pristine but something is not working. You help me figure out what might be? Turning've concluded that black is both black (thanks to not look black stockings) and that makes the look seem more funeral than other tasks (and will take many years above)

How well would this stupendous Winslet worn the pencil skirt and this peplum with headdress, another idea for the company dinner, in another color. Take a red or purple oxblodd.

What do you think? What burning my idea or Kate Winslet?

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