Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keys for shopping style: a black dress that gets us out of trouble

Black in White Dress

The black dresses are a staple of our wardrobe: always take and never go out of style. No matter how long it is, is the model par excellence wardrobe and when in doubt a choice of look, with a black design will not fail. It is the garment that always get us out of trouble.

Dresses to wear during the day

knitted dresses

To look for the day, a black dress is elegant and sophisticated, while feminine. To attend a workshop, a meal with friends or a casual event, one of the best choices in winter is a point model, you can look with nothing or with a belt to make it look more chic. In Mango's peak at 19.99 euros or 29.99 euros per collar. In Zara costs 29.95 euros.

Zara Dress

To give a different touch and some rock, no dresses with leather. Mixing fabrics is very successful. If you combine it with an American styling will get more serious and if it lights with a leather jacket, you'll be a hundred percent rock. These two proposals are from Zara and is priced at 35.95 euros.

Oversize Dresses

Simple and minimalist, so are the oversize dresses you can find in Zara and SuitBlanco. Comfortable and stylish. In this type of design are essential complements your outfit does not look like a "sack of potatoes".

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail Dresses

Silhouettes marked refined models, cocktail dresses with a twist. Some shiny, transparent details ... perfect for a fashion event where you should go elegant but discreet.

- Mango glitter velvet dress 59.99 euros.
- Simple Dress Zara 49.95 euros.
- Dress Mango transparent touch 39.99 euros.


Black in White Dress

Do I have a party and do not know what to wear? For those party nights include air backs, lace dresses, sequins, fringes ... sensual designs that make you feel the queen of the night and the star of the party. Combine them with gold accessories, silver or black, depending on the fabric design.

Black in White Dress

Our preferred low cost stores are invaded by black dresses to wear on a night out: Stradivarius , SuiteBlanco and Mango lodge in their 2013 Christmas collection a variety of suggestions. Fitted waists or hips, quarter sleeves or straps, closed or open necklines ... all kinds of patterns and fabrics for you to choose the one you like.

Black in White Dress

Sequin Dress


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