Thursday, November 1, 2012

Keys for shopping style: gray dress, a staple in your wardrobe

gray dress

If we have a good wardrobe dresses regarding concerns, and a little black dress we can get with a gray dress that can serve as the basis for many looks, and can be combined with flashy clothes or accessories or unusual to give a different touch at all times.


Gray Asos

In Asos find the two extremes of style, a more formal model in detail and fur collar long sleeve Whistles for about 270 euros and knit informal version 55.56 euros if is too short, it can be accompanied by a skirt or pants.



The sports version that we could see a parade of Isabel Marant found in Zara for 35.95 euros and if we want more managed to go to the office, this is another option with ruffles on the sides and over the knee. It also costs 39.95 euros.


000 gray

And we end with Mango, the shop where you have more options: the typical babydoll with draped neck detail and short sleeves for 29.99 euros , the other with black accents and peplum for the same price and the basic model without sleeves and skirt puffed by 39.99 euros .

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