Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keys for shopping style: the sweatshirts are the key looks casual

paris tee handle

Recover a garment that we thought we were going to stop using when you run out of gym class in high school, but no, the sweatshirts are here again and the street have taken an unusual force, especially this gray sweatshirt Mango Paris boutique with the legend that has swept! All bloggers have it, and the site is available, but only in size M or L. But ideas do not end there, there is a world waiting sweatshirt:

The basic

The Greys are the most typical. The groundbreaking ideas will find them in Fashion Pills , mixing gray leather or adding the inscription Paris-New York. They take on casual look with skinny jeans or shorts and sneakers, but I like the contrast they create with feminine ruffled skirts.

gray sweatshirts

If you want it in the autumn fashion color, burgundy, you can find recessed at La Redoute .

burgundy sweatshirts

Much sport is this gray sweatshirt and blue, also from La Redoute.

sports sweatshirt

In the find Topshop Baroque décor Balmain, for 59 euros.

topshop sweatshirt


Another idea that can not miss in your wardrobe: a military green sweatshirt with studded detail, perfect to match the camouflage chauqetas are so successful. In Mango.

military green sweatshirt


To win in elegance, the sweatshirts are filled with details like lace, you can find in Mango for 29.95 euros . Or splashed with sequins, looks more night thinking and rockers.

sweatshirts handle

With a black and ethnic touch, we find this sweatshirt looks Zara already Ellen The Must Have.

racial sweatshirt

Asos is always full of original ideas and groundbreaking, and have a whole section dedicated to sweatshirts , with thousands of ideas to choose from. This sweatshirt giraffes and fringes is to keep all staff.

Giraffes Sweatshirt

Although this one is also full of tacks his point.

tacks sweatshirt

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