Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life would be just pictures

Look at pictures

Pictures and more pictures. That alone and I would be happy in any fashion, any trends and look for any dress. Weaknesses British so I have and that is inevitable against any new attempt to end not going anywhere (hello, peplum, and you have forgotten tranqui that again in 10 years). So I enjoy seeing this kind of street combinations.


Minimum size boxes like this with a curious look and dress all in one layer with backup dancers bicolor. From 10.


The Prince of Wales pattern of my favorites is when women dress and I love how you feel, especially if it renews and adds a very colorful '60s pop. As this coat that looks Susie Bubble.


Ideas like this checkered short coat Maddy C DKNY back into the original color mixing.


Or in slacks Lucy B this time with the expanding black and white pictures.

Photos | Vanessa Jackman , Maddy C , Lucy De B. , Streetpeeper
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