Saturday, November 17, 2012

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 60

You are almost ready winter. What appetizing first, change clothes, take coats and the loving firewood! Furthermore, most home ration, boredom and idle time. Non ti will worry Do you crave some ideas of how to live this weekend in style? If you have kids, and we bored them penniless. Let's start the adventure is assured.

We can go by choosing the top of the best toys for babies as gifts from Reyes. Do with time and help not leave room for error (and we will probably cheaper).


Not only do we care for others, start also for ourselves. How about a beauty treatment at our feet ? In summer be grateful. And to know that look, I recommend a masculine pants with feminine detail .


Speaking of Christmas, then do not let the great menus. Invite friends or family to a feast at home to celebrate ... that is one working day. A recipe that includes portobello mushrooms and provolone do not you relameros ago? Who needs a restaurant?


From Vitónica we recommend that health and well-being comes first. Let us begin the feast with six healthy snacks rich in vitamin c . Dinner or Sunday brunch.


The next day and for that calories do not make a dent in our bodies why not skate? In Jared Man advise you what a number of recomendacionesque not forget to keep us from injury or inconvenience .

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