Saturday, November 24, 2012

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 61


And without eating or drinking we are immersed in the weekend. 48 hours of free will to take the time and do what really makes us happy. It seems that two days are not enough, but if we take the time, it is doubled. And from Jezebel weekly schedule we show the coolest moment. Are you going to take a Bible?

If you are one of those that always goes to the last both outside and inside the house, you may want this weekend to redecorate the room . How do so easily? Changing your duvet cover for the new collection of designer Maya Hansen. The skulls are a constant, and the mix of prints and colors.

One of my favorite plans for these days is to go to the movies. In Film Blog premieres us about that this weekend will most notably the new Clint Eastwood works called stunt. This represents the world to be a baseball scout seems that age you start making bill. As we recommend, tender worth seeing for the actor's work.


As you know, this week we celebrated the Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) on American soil, and the turkey is the food for that day. If you want to celebrate your own thanksgiving, in direct palate show us the original recipe for this dish so succulent. Just seeing the pictures, it makes my mouth water. Are you going to try to do?


If you decide to go for the weekend to the mountains, now you can take your pet with style. How? With the collection of Davidelfín x Royal Canin . Blankets, carry bag and gadgets thousand more for the king of the house will last.


What to do with the kids in the house? Now in The English Court of the street price (Madrid), LEGO has prepared an entire tour for smaller have a great time. The exhibition runs until Epiphany January 2013, in the English Court of Preciados of Madrid, in the 7th floor of the building of Fashion & Beauty.


You'll have a great weekend!

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