Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marion Cotillard is not lost one: toupee and opening party for Dior

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is one of the usual fashion toupee , if we take into account the latest looks of many famous see how it keeps coming back. In his recent appearance, the French actress looked very pretty at the same time pointing to the hair as fashion dresses with large openings, in this case in the skirt to wear leg.

Marion Cotillard

With a Christian Dior dress whose length reached the ground, Marion Cotillard joined the trend of the mixture being viewed in some red carpets and brands like Dior or Chanel have in their collections. Long dresses playing with the layers and the length thereof.

Marion Cotillard

Depending on where you look you can find a gown that is right, straight on a single piece, as we see Marion Cotillard back with back neck to sit well, but the dresses ahead play with over a miniskirt or length dress with an extra layer that goes from the waist with a high waist and falling concealing part of the legs.

A double play that convinces me more than the hand of Dior Chanel, as we saw Emmy Emilia Clarke in 2012 . I like the fall of Dior Chanel flights. Moreover, the type of neckline and effectiveness of black and white does not disappoint. And, of course, is Marion Cotillard, has sufficient postage.

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