Monday, November 5, 2012

Maya Hansen design for Fosco

Maya Hansen

Maya Hansen is the next designer Fosco. Madrid The creator will make a limited edition capsule collection that we can enjoy next spring 2013.

The great success of Maya Hansen parade at the last Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, has attracted so much attention from Fosco, the shoe company has decided to choose a specialist designer corsets for your next capsule collection. A limited edition collection inspired by the essence of its summer line Skully Tulum. So we'll see many colors, skulls, virgin and portraits of Frida Kahlo.

Fosco continues its massive potential for Spanish designers: Juanjo Oliva, Miriam Ocariz, Lemoniez, Josep Abril, Ion Fiz, Ana Locking, Guillermina Baeza and the recent collaboration with Nicholas Vaudelet. A declaration of intent.

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