Thursday, November 1, 2012

Michael Kors watches triumph among style bloggers

Michael Kors

More and more the style bloggers who are done with one (or more) of Michael Kors watches. For some time this has become part of the blogosphere Star watch and you might even joke that if you do not, you're nobody in the scene.

Kors watch

The model of the three areas is the best known of all of the brand, which are many. It is available in silver, gold and rose gold, and as with the clothes, the color has been chosen by fashion. Although for a time the rose gold was the most popular blogs, increasing number of bloggers who opt for the gold version.

Kors watch

Prices of Michael Kors watches can range from 250 to 450 euros depending on the model so I could be talking about an investment. If you want to become with each of them, find them on Net-a-Porter and Asos .

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