Thursday, November 8, 2012

Miroslava Duma in the 'hall of fame' of it girls


If I had to define Miroslava Duma would leave me only one she's the one. And she is number one in the world of fashion. All it takes (however difficult) is a success and looks are discussed worldwide. Russian petite and sweet face, this girl has been to the public in the pocket and has managed to be the most persecuted in the fashion weeks.


What do you do? Good question, as it is of those who know who he is but do not know why you got there. She is the daughter of Senator Vasilay Russian Duma, with 24 years became editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia. He later became a freelancer and now is leading the web Büro 24/7 .


It has a style that defines it, because one day you plant vintage shorts and the next morning with a dress couture shows. It's what I like about it: not seduced by anything or anyone, she seduces others. She loves accessories XXL and it shows in every outfit: big collars, maxi glasses, platforms that lead to infinity and beyond, etc.


I like to take advantage of his popularity to unveil designs for her friends. Example? This dress painted scribbles signed by Russian designer (and intimate friend of hers) Gazinskaya Vika.


Days of cap

And do not say no to anything, as long as you can or if you let the outfit dons a hat. And there is a specific style, everyone adapts to forward them as an essential part of the style.


When I see a garment is risky but in the outfit of a girl feel good (make that great), shows that his is wood and the style it's in his blood. And is that the bowlers were never my cup of tea, but if I say that my outfit is so, I holstered day in, day out.


The pre-stage a real mom it

I always thought that if I ever got pregnant so bad pass. And not in the sense of nausea or discomfort, but when choosing a style to fit me. The bloated feeling among other things makes me think it will be a difficult time with my wardrobe, but it makes me believe that anything is possible.


Because her pregnancy period it never looked like pre-proving that moms can be the most stylish in the world.


Not yet you have conquered?

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