Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mix and taste. Mixtures impossible to work!


What is style? Was it before the style or the style?, What distress. In full fashionista dilemma I was when I turned on the little light. Today I will discuss the art of styling. Take the case of Naty Abascal. It is certainly elegant, refined and glamorous but not you noticed that sometimes their mixtures, if we extrapolate another woman, look like a circus clown Price?

That is what might be thought of mixtures of steetstyle I show today. Colors do not marry, summer in winter, prints and sequins. Mix and match and conquer these bloggers seem to say, from my beloved Pacific and Atlantic wonderful lime coat with orange cap.


Rock and roses plays further uniting studded biker boots with a pleated skirt does a impossible? Not judging by this picture that gives us ideas on how to wear this Christmas comfortable, ideal and very chic casual while.


Finally Madame Rosa who mixes a preppy pamela a Russian-inspired vest and leather. Do you remember that season in which or more was not wearing socks? The world is filled with air and cold legs. Not recommended.

Photos | Madame Rosa , Atlantic Pacific ,

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