Sunday, November 25, 2012

Natalie Joos is the last to fall into the charms of a Spanish firm


There are women who called my attention during fashion weeks for his impudence, his ease and sympathy. And Natalie Joos did it from the first day I saw her. We could say it was love at first sight, love at first sight, and since then I've been keeping track via Instagram, Twitter and her personal blog . And now Mango brings us to his new online journal issue.

And it seems comical but it's reality: a country with more economic crisis (or ours) is one of the most acclaim internationally thanks to its low-cost firms. Curious, is not it? And though not enough, all the styles of this casting agent and editor of New York are made ​​purely with signature clothes. So if you like what you see, now you can emulate it with styling modeled.


$ 29 pants, blouse collar 19 and same price. Being a voguette as I call them (those not working on the Vogue get into the same bag style) is now more than possible and accessible.


Yes, sometimes branded clothing would be cool, but it is clear (again) that the style is not paid. And how better to tell him, these images are the living proof of this statement.


What do you think the initiative to capture the signature of bloggers and trendsetters?

Photos | Mango
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