Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh Audrey Tatou, you claimed as new it girl but not like that!


I claimed you as a new it girl . Tired of so many face and body that seem to know just dress to show off on blogs, looking "meat" fresh, talented women whose only concern and not work out at Perez Hilton with his models. Lo and behold, I was wrong and rectify is wise.

At least that's the conclusion reached by looking at the last of his appearances on the red carpet for the premiere of the movie Therese Desqueyroux in Paris.


To cut to the chase begin not with her ​​partner, actor Gilles Lellouche who commits the worst mistakes you can make a man in dress: dirty and old shoes. Take what you wear, it will not matter with shoes well. Hobbies you have one.


On with it: the top ocn fails to unite the bottom, the skirt is not funny, at least not well combined, did not sit well with her beauty or her body. Yes, it is tartan but the result is so bizarre and ugly looking more like Helena Bonham Carter.

We will try to fix it: let's give everything a touch of grunge and very Westwood. Outside those shoes and change for a tomato red megataconazo salons. Above, a white shirt with buttons men parted to reveal a corset green or red. Hair loose and surfing waves how we imagine it?

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