Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Original watches to wear at all times

Watch asos Asos Clock with heart shaped sphere

Nobody likes to waste time. Clocks help us, make our lives easier, are a useful tool. But not only is that their role is also a fashionable complement. Fans of the watches have various models and always seek the most original to give a touch of exclusivity fun and their dolls.


A clock striking in its originality and luxury is Reed Krakoff. The gold plated watch with leather strap and premium leads small domes around it in gold. The price is 2722 euros.


For those who are always late clock has a super original with elastic strap and two black and white areas. A duo clock to Urban Outfitters for 45 euros.


A watch strap May28th matte black plastic inner sphere with flowers made ​​in cross stitch. A perfect watch for winter for $ 39.

pauls boutique

Watch where the originality lies in the slogan of the brand that is within the sphere. The strap is made ​​of patent leather with floral pattern and gold sphere in Pauls boutique on Asos for 55.56 euros.

wewood clock

A wooden clock is made ​​possible by the mark WeWood. They are eco watches are made with high quality wood used to create musical instruments like violins. It consists of two areas, adjustable strap and free of toxic chemicals by $ 139.

accezzorize asos

Watch and pendant in one is what we offer from Accessorize at Asos for 35.42 euros. . Watch heart shaped pendant in gold and green with rhinestone embellishment.

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