Friday, November 23, 2012

Our own Black Friday, a lack of savings, we seek!

miss sixty

Although Black Friday is one thing the U.S. is good for all justification join a discount on purchases of turn. Few Spanish firms have been encouraged to join the campaign to boost Christmas shopping, yet it I have entered the same urge to buy something that we take a stroll looking online for some stores that sign these discounts, as this dress from Miss Sixty for 54.17 euros (before 158.35 euros).



In Mango there are often discounts on its website and at this time there are interesting ideas to clock how are you clothes:

  • A wool coat half leg, straight cut, with mandarin collar and dark blue 54.99 euros (79.99 euros before).
  • I really like this sweater with mohair knits in a bright color red passion for 17.99 euros (25.99 euros before).
  • Not to be missed fashion contrast jersey sleeves this fine home, wool and a touch Baroque in the body with a design that is right. For 19.99 euros (29.99 euros before).



Kling is one of my favorite brands when women see fashion discounts and rebates are very interesting:

  • These nautical loved when I saw them in the store with the heart-shaped mask, for 27.95 euros (39.90 euros before).
  • A straight cut coat and minimum flight near the bell with red for 59.45 euros (84.90 euros before).
  • A very short dress with a white center strip matching cuffs and on which are four small loops with a pattern of polka dots. For 34.95 euros (49,90 euros).

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal In a 25% on shoes for being Black Friday. Although I usually seem to dominate the most tacky if any would save:

  • With minimal platform booties and studded back for 45.91 euros (61.22 euros before).
  • Rain boots black cane with hardly high heels for 38.27 euros (51.02 euros before).
  • A suede stiletto with gold tip and minimum tacks for 69.47 euros (92.62 euros before).
  • High leather boots with a wide row of lace for 94.20 euros (before 125.59 euros).
  • Fine-heeled sandals with multiple straps and silver tip for 85.35 euros (before 113.81 euros).
  • Transparent heel sandals for 79.50 euros (before 105.96 euros).


Asos black

Discounts on Asos are a constant, so I decided to unsubscribe to the mailing list to have because it was a temptation too familiar with easy relapse. There is always something to do, something to buy. Only card could run out of clothes. Thinking about the holidays that come out a few:

  • A length dress with asymmetrical design and a shoulder sequined Forever Unique by 152.79 euros (381.98 euros before).
  • A short dress with asymmetrical neckline Miss Sixty with a mesh finish for 50 euros (83.34 euros before).
  • A long dress with low asymmetric Pearl with a lace top for 41.67 euros (83.34 euros before).

Asos red bordeaux

  • A dress with side opening with a round neck and black two-tone burgundy and Silent by Damir Doma for 97.23 euros (before 152.79 euros).
  • A Hybrid tube dress with a lace collar in burgundy for 59.03 euros (before 118.07 euros).
  • Unconditional A long dress, below the knee with draped detail for 66.67 euros (before 173.63 euros).
  • A length dress from French Connection in a tube design in red and black with three-quarter sleeves for 97.23 euros (before 173.63 euros).

Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21 prices are already low in itself so in his section deals still find as many clothes for few euros:

  • A kaleidoscopic-print maxi dress for 15.99 euros (15.99 euros before).
  • A passion red dress with tiny polka dots pattern for EUR 18.76 (EUR 23.75 before).
  • A long-sleeve blouse in black and cream-colored body and a peplum at least 14.02 euros (17.75 euros before).
  • A blue blazer party next to the black satin lapel for 22.71 euros (28.75 euros before).
  • A blazer shorter working in a soft beige, with a single button and French manga for 22.71 euros (28.75 euros before).

Ideas for buy it because, Black Black Friday or November.

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