Monday, November 26, 2012

Outfits for you when you submit it the only people can say, "molas"


Being beater is an expression that I love. Because it be different, be cool, have personality and people respect you. It's something I've always wanted to become, and even more when I'm days devising a look. Although sometimes the success is the simplicity of the clothes and looks in general. So today we present outfits full of trend that will start only Guaus and how molas! in your path, and that they will not do anything but feel like a fish in water.

There is a definite style for this group of girls who are cool galore. Jeans, pants clip, with applications or shiny leggings. Anything goes! For if we secure ourselves, succeed every step we take.


I always think that in summer is much easier to dress well, but the truth is that I'm very wrong. The winter looks can be simple with a simple wool sweater, leggings season (now succeed the oxblood color) and a coat of straight lines and classic. Andy shows us all premises must have a look to raze wherever you go.


And if you are of that this season has been rendered and love the military trend, do as the protagonist of Kayture and come out winning. Simplicity, elegance and style is what you breathe in your last outfit.


And you moles?

Photos | Kayture , Style Scrapbook , Atlantic Pacific , Lisa Place
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