Friday, November 30, 2012

Paula Echevarria brings Christmas proposals White's hand (who else?)


The other day talking with some friends told me they had already clear what is going to get for Christmas. And I as always I was white as a sheet, how you may already know what you will get if you still weeks away? It's the difference between us since they are the most forward-looking and I do not. I always do everything at the last minute and although every year I tell myself that this year will be different, just from the usual.

Even with a small difference: this year there are so many options in my mind that I hope that the election be streamlined. Although I do not know why decantarme option if I am guided by the proposals of Paula Echevarría for White. And it has just launched his collection White night, what's going to go pearl here thinking of a few weeks.


Black cocktail dresses ranging from luxury to business dinners, holiday meals, parties with friends and all those kinds of events held in late December.


Although if you prefer there is always the option thanks to a casual sweater with rhinestones on the shoulders and a simple black jeans.


And if you're looking for the perfect jacket, tweed and maybe this big gold buttons gets you out of more than a pinch.


What do you think your proposals?

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