Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pippa Middleton, you look more like Sara Carbonero than you think


And if you read I think if I say it is good or bad. Given that Sara Carbonero is considered one of the country's most beautiful women, good, but do not go around shots. The Middleton Effect flopping and I still I can not explain. They say that is because they're cute but not too pretty to offend women and you have a nice ass to dazzle men. And there are also acclaimed as Sara Carbonero, queen of style.


And that is precisely what you look like: two women with no apparent style being sold as paradigms of style. Bought and sold, for all that is material with a veneer look exhausted.

This is your last look at the streets of London and is bland as ever, as the neighbor of the fifth when going to take their kids to school or your friend who you fight because you call it classic and you fashionista (but worse). However, in some places has been titled as "Pippa Middleton boasting style."

Does anyone can explain?

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