Thursday, November 29, 2012

Princess Letizia puts us sexy


Rare is seeing positive reviews to the Princess Letizia when it comes to your clothes (and your life). This week Maria Teresa Campos has very well defined in a phrase reume what should be getting up every day and read the reviews to your skirt too short, too long, too cheap or too expensive. No reviews have been expected in this case either, alluding to look too sexy is not acceptable in a strawberry princess lips.


True, so tight that sweater has a bug and is underwear but it transpires see no evil intention to give a little to your body as often. The perfect pencil skirt and sweater what do you think? That follows the protocol is an issue, it becomes another. What I can not shake off is that aspect of woman who goes to a business office area and must follow rules.

On the feet, Magrit salons. I mean the absence seems to be turning into a plague that affects Solomonic from north to south, here in Bilbao chairing the XV edition of the Volunteer.

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