Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Carpet at the MTV Europe 2012: the dilemma between going mona or give the note

taylor swift ema

The artists of the music world's attention often prefer to be gorgeous face (with exceptions) and their choices often, say unpalatable. This year at music awards MTV Europe 2012 has been pretty dresses thanks to Taylor Swift always spotless and new faces in the music world, but there have been women who have chosen to give the song a highlight for elegant (and I have not been Rihanna and Katy Perry that are usually the "before dead simple"). Let's start by reviewing the Gala held last night in Frankfurt:

Taylor Swift sosaína can sin, but the choices are always acertadísimas. J. Wonderful your Mendel between silver and white that recalls the best of Art Nouveau style of the '20s. The big winner of the night for his style and the number of awards it collected.

taylor swift EMA2

Debuting in these parts Red Carpet was the singer Carly Jae Repson (the interpreter repetidísimo Call Me Maybe) by Johanna Johnson dress classic silver lace with strapless neckline. Of those who think, "because so many people are watching me, at least I'll really cute."

carly jae ema

Alicia Keys likes to teach her ​​curves and her powerful hips to the millimeter and knows how: with a green dress from Stella McCartney playing with transparencies, prefectamente outfitted with silver shoes and wide collar. Right.

alicia keys ema

One of the most anticipated performances of the night was the reunion of No Doubt. Gwen Stefani has something special, a unique style with personality. Although go black.

gwen stefani

Pixie Geldof walking by a Missoni knit dress and purse most desired caramel Martin Margiela's collection for H & M in red.

Pixie Geldof ema

And we begin with those in their intention propasaron attention. Heidi Klum played host and hostess of the wound becoming Gala poses twenties and putting that in a woman her age, really, is ridiculous. I do not know if you saw the Gala last night, but that was the impression I got. Only when he danced liked the Gangnam Style with Korean singer. Your Versace is peorcito I've seen in a long time. Demasié you look at it look.

heidi klum ema

Looks like a Marchesa can not fail over the red carpet. Wait to see Rita Ora with her ​​red Marchesa. Both taffeta me nervous like a Christmas present.

rita ora ema

View Lana del Rey in transformation into Morticia Addams also excited me.

Lana Del Rey ema

Kim Kardashian is too look where you look. Its neckline, the train of her dress. The truth is that it has a beautiful face, but I wonder how many surgeries take that face and that body.

kim kardashian ema

Now it's your turn to vote for who you liked most.

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