Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet (and sexy) Women Secret Christmas and new collection


That seems to wear red or black lingerie holiday season is more typical turkey on Christmas or summer calimocho. And so we evidenced Women Secret in their new catalog for this December 2012. Thus the firm presents full lace lingerie sets in these two shades to choose the best or which we feel suits our chance.

The red grapes

By year's end there is a tradition that has red lingerie dress with brand new. And for many years (since I have use of reason) I follow it to the letter. So I look at the sets that have low-cost firms every year and I'll take the best option.


Although we also set ourselves a total look and get to sleep with a satin and lace gown in this color. What do you think?


The black classicism

But I must be honest: as black, either. And I recognize that it is the color that use to dress both outside and inside. I like it because you have a lot with very little.


I do not know what happens this year, but look beyond where firms have lace bodysuits. Do you boldly make these pieces look?


In long sleeves or straps, this garment is present in all lookbooks.


What do you think Christmas Women Secret?

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