Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet Christina (Rosenvinge) Purification Garcia sings for


Much study and research marketers which character is best for their campaigns. Clearly in fashion seems to the bloggers and bloggers celebrities win the game , I guess mostly because in loving corporatism is most widely known to have blogs. Today I say love is not always so.

He had already warned in an article with which I strongly agree their phobias and their likes . Christina Rosenvinge for Purification Garcia! A breath of fresh air to the advertising landscape that is dominating, with it girls in fourth and first putting bloggers face. But the faces if they have history, curriculum and mystery behind the better.

I had the pleasure of running into her a terrible date. The day after September 11th in Central Park where she lay listless with her husband and their children Loriga Ray Angelic and I was shattered after a terrifying personal experience. Not Bella, a beautiful and mysterious aura and typical of divas like Lauren Bacall before your eyes that you fulminaban.

I love it, and I can not help it Purification Garcia image may be shocking but to me it seems exciting.

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