Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The celebrities take to the streets to vote to do your best clothes?


Yesterday the United States mobilized. And is that the elections for president are things that make people go outside normal Hollywood stars. Or celebrities to dry. Women who sometimes leave us speechless on the red carpet, they decided to go for a casual look (as is normal and expected) to go to the polls. Although some were passaged mates and we showed that prom dresses are just window-dressing because their style is absent.

Certainly the most striking was the singer Katy Perry, who often expressed his support for the 'winner' Barack Obama. Yesterday donned a smurf blue suit, white shirt and black tie. Do we accept the end styling?



You see, I love Heidi Klum. Since I was a child I loved how it was natural and spontaneous, and looks more like it. And is that a few simple boots, jeans and a plaid shirt she confirms that, despite having been one of the most iconic angels of Victoria's Secret, is human.


Simpler but still great January Jones appeared. A steamy camisole, jeans and flat sandals to venture served to the polls and vote. A look that many of us use when the heat starts to bite today.


Or half and half. That is what has raised (or in any case not) Hendrich Christina's look. It has nothing, but at least it will not give correct or singing (which is a lot).


Do not, next

Fair enough that some advantage for the gym after going to the polls. But knowing you are a familiar face, and that there will be journalists, can not you get a little cuter? Look there are collections of beautiful sport, and certainly does not lack money, so why chose such styling Hilary Duff?


Well, which one of them you stay?

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