Friday, November 9, 2012

The controversial backroom of Victoria's Secret


Either you love it or frightens you. The Victoria riding show , has little secrecy and as the Superbowl is an event that causes Chiribitos in the eyes of men. But all is not as controversial shines and has entered the cyber arena with an image uploaded to your social network by one of the participants.


Candice Swanepoel, still do not know the intention of this photo but aesthetically and ethically leaves much to be desired. This image represents only one thing. Yes, clad in those wings of angels and perversely sexual floripondios thousand and dressings that will mount to the back, you seem pro women, of-stopping on the way to Sophia Loren with her wobbling hips and chest.

But no, you are not just skinny but the requirements of this parade, which takes place every year on the strange phenomenon of the top that has just given birth and no one knows where the baby came out, this year it is Adriana Lima, are obvious.

Adriana explained it a year ago that this parade requirements imposed on their daily routine: take note and not be frightened.

For nine days, only drank protein shakes, nothing solid. Two days before the parade, should stop drinking four liters a day and only drink normally. Twelve hours before the parade, had to stop drinking completely.


Fortunately other models were up to their social networks more politically correct images.

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