Sunday, November 11, 2012

The simpler the collection, more successful. At least I think Pull and Bear


I love the basics section of Pull and Bear. And we show, hit after hit, with very little can be perfect 24 hours. And we sometimes forget is that less is more and try to emulate it girls and our girls seem rather Christmas trees. Forget that with something simple that you will not succeed, who said he had no idea!

And is that we walk back and forth, back and forth and give more laps than a top in our routine work are not for nonsense. And unless our feet, so we pamper them with flat shoes and comfortable. Can be styled with them? The answer is clear: yes.


If in addition to simple and comfortable, we want to be practical, we must consider a garment that year after year has been in nuetsro wardrobe: leggings. You are a classic and although they do not pass the seasons go out of style.


The denim + denim is a cool combination galore and if it's mixed with oxblood loafers in the result is impeccable.


And while I'm personally very much in favor of wearing shorts in the month of December (with tights, of course), gauzy blouses over me out of trouble. which is why we try to have (at least) one in every color so to vary according to my mood.


What do you think of this new edition?

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