Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The watch collection of Karl Lagerfeld, when the kaiser

Karl Chain Karl Chain

Karl Lagerfeld's fans can already tell the time with his design, but still will have to wait until next February. The kaiser and dares all clocks are his latest pieces, a collaboration that has made ​​the Fossil Group.

It is a series of modern watches with case engraved on the back and a limited edition packaging. Seven advanced designs presented in a variety of colors and sizes. This unique collection you can find it in selected stores and online in North America, Europe and Asia, from 28 February.

Karl Zip Karl Zip

One of the most special parts of the collection is the Zip Karl, Lagerfeld's favorite, and I confess that mine. The modern model fascinates me with his zipper and studs, and best of all, you can wear as a bracelet.

Karl Seven Karl Seven

Designs include several stainless steel belts leather or metallic studs detail pyramid and string. Another highlight is the Karl clock 7, the number Lagerfeld favorite, with a sphere and a stylish beveled but simpler.

and what interests us most, the price. De pending on the model, ranging between 150 and 595 euros.

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