Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Way We Were: Carla Bruni yesterday, today Carla Bruni


Carla Bruni's career has been arguably one of the most interesting as far as trajectory of a model. It was a top 90, top of the truth, I wanted to look at their campaigns Gianni Versace leggings with pictorial and George Michael in her videos. After that, one day, a hoarse voice soft but very interesting and emerging from the non-commercial radio with exquisite disc. We seemed to have before us a Juliette Greco with past models. Lo Juliette by surprise was renamed Jackie.


And may muse songwriters, Christina Rosenvinge French partner, like her, writer, becomes first lady Jackie Kennedy and dressing like walking two paces behind her husband, as far back as anyone who has had to walk a woman take up arms.

She returns, first in advertising did for Parrot and now on the cover of Vogue Paris December, wildly beautiful, as always. But long before this took place this cover, in 1995 and his blue eyes again dominate the scene.

In some, it seems that things have not changed much.

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