Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Way We Were: Jerry Hall, the "mother" of all desires


Because it is desirable to mane and Georgia May Jagger diastema but much more desirable was her mother Jerry Hall at the time of the Studio 54 of his affair with my beloved Brian Ferry and those seventies and eighties that being more tacky than it looked as anyone. Jerry Hall is the Catherine Deneuve fashion to film. Powerful women, with looks you fulminate, female females with male souls.

The year was 1979 and it was already the diva of the disco era, the most sensual mane more catlike eyes. Watch her ​​in her videos of Roxy Music was pure delight. Vogue knew and drew in another edition cover, edition also.


Not only dazzled the Americans, the French also surrendered to its charms and that despite having this pose and look Machiavellian coming since Marlne Dietrich. Texas was but it looked more like another world, Paris at least.

I do not understand how he could leave the real dandy of the music, Brian Ferry who was engaged to go with Jagger. The former had more class, more height, more style and showed their feelings of loss in his songs Kiss and Tell and Cry, Cry, Cry.

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