Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Way We Were: that wonderful Christmas of 1974 with Twiggy


How was Christmas in the 70s? And how the reflected fashion magazines? We are at the height of crazy and daring fashion, and lysergic more daring. Vogue gives us the keys in its English edition.

Starring Twiggy, who else. In the locker Zandra Rhodes (can be over 70's) and the Imaginarium Cinderella team, hence the volantazos and both Fru Fru. We seem to see David Bowie in a room of Studio 54 among so many stars and so brilliantly. Not for nothing have we not seen Bowie makeup and in different places?

Times have certainly changed and what makes it most visible is the makeup of Twiggy: excessive, iridescent, lips and eyes at once. Others have not changed that much ...

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